Wall Insulation

Save up to 30% or more on monthly energy bills

Adding insulation to your walls will make your home or property more energy efficient and comfortable. We at Draco’s Spray Foam have a wealth of experience. You may be surprised to learn how many houses built before 1970 do not have wall insulation. Before this time, local building codes did not require it.

Wall insulation can be installed in both new homes and to existing homes. Home insulation has become increasingly important to us over the years. Your walls can be retrofitted with insulation without being damaged. You can keep your Morgan City, LA walls intact while still gaining additional insulation with our exterior and interior wall insulation options.

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Benefits of Wall Insulation

Efficient Heating and Cooling

Insulation prevents heat from leaving and entering the house. This helps your home stay energy-efficient throughout the year. Keeping your home warm and cool makes your HVAC system work less and saves you money on energy bills. Insulation works both ways. With exterior wall insulation, your living space is protected from extreme temperatures outside. You can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40 percent by insulating your walls.

Better Acoustics

Sound is reduced when walls are insulated from the outdoors and between rooms. With walls that are properly insulated, you reduce the transmission of sound and maximize your enjoyment of every room in your house. When your interior walls are insulated, you don’t have to worry about whether the TV is too loud since the sound won’t travel as far as it does when your walls are uninsulated.

Improved Moisture Control

There are many types of problems that can arise from trapped moisture in your walls. This condensed water may cause rot, mildew, or even frozen spots of moisture that stain after they melt, resulting in rot or mildew. Spray foam acts as a barrier to this moisture and does not allow it to enter your walls or condense inside of your walls.

Improved Comfort:

Insulation allows you to better regulate the temperature of your home by keeping outside air out. No matter how hot the Louisiana summer gets, you and your family will stay comfortable in your home.

Increased Efficiency:

Insulation not only increases energy savings, but it also reduces how much energy your air conditioners and heaters must use to maintain a comfortable home. Your HVAC system will last longer as a result and save you money on repair bills down the road.

What Is Wall Insulation

Today, almost all walls of the house are insulated. The purpose of wall insulation is to provide a barrier between your home and the outside world. Your home’s walls are affected by temperature changes, which can cause the heat to transfer, making your home less comfortable or placing more stress on your HVAC system. You can use a variety of materials for insulating your walls, although spray foam insulation lasts the longest and has the highest R-value.

How to tell if you need wall insulation

Inconsistent Household Temperatures

If your home is well insulated, you’ll enjoy consistent temperatures throughout the rooms in your house. But with poor insulation, you’ll notice considerable temperature fluctuations from one room to the next.

This is a by-product of heat retained in areas where the insulation is stronger and escaping in rooms where your home could benefit from the support of more effective insulation.

Your Walls and Ceilings Are Cold to The Touch

If your walls sting your hands at night because of how cold they are or if you notice cold floors and ceilings, poor insulation could be the culprit.

Water Leaks

If you have an attic area that seems to be getting wet and moldy after periods of heavy rain, it’s could be damaging your insulation. With new insulation in place, you can keep water and moisture out.


Fluctuating air temperatures and winds can penetrate a house that is poorly insulated and create indoor drafts. This comes as a surprise to many first-time homeowners who don’t understand why they’re experiencing drafts when all the windows and doors are closed.

If you struggle with drafts in your home and you’re not sure where they’re coming from, chances are insulation is to blame

Energy Bills Are High

It takes a lot of power to keep a home temperature controlled. This is particularly true if you live in a state that has extreme highs and lows on the temperature front.

The issue becomes even more critical when your home is not properly insulated. When the insulation is bad, your heating and cooling appliances will have to work around the clock to keep your living space comfortable.

That round-the-clock attention means high energy bills. Investing in proper insulation for your home will pay for itself in lower heating and cooling bills.

Issues with Pests

Insulation not only keeps your house climate controlled but it also keeps undesirable rodents and pets out.

Pipes Freeze on a Regular Basis

Poor wall insulation during freezing winters can mean costly pipe repairs. The expenses associated with repairing and replacing pipes can dwarf the costs involved with having an insulation expert apply more insulation to boost the degree to which your home gets protected.

Noise Permeation

Insulation can greatly reduce the chance of your house’s noise leaking into the street and the opposite as well. You may find some relief on both fronts by adding insulation to your home if you frequently hear neighbors complaining about noise or are experiencing problems sleeping because of street noises outside.

What is R-Value

An R-value indicates how well a home’s insulation prevents heat from passing into and out of it. Increasing R-value will increase insulation performance, which will reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Our Insulation Services

Draco's Spray Foam Attic Insulation

In comparison with other parts of your home or building, your attic is more exposed to the outside elements. Insulation is sometimes overlooked. 

As a result of the summer heat, your home’s roof shingles will be baked, transferring the heat into your attic. That hot air can then travel throughout your home, causing an increase in internal temperature. When your house becomes hotter as a result, your air conditioning bill will rise. Attic insulation maintains your home’s temperature better and will reduce your energy bills over time.

Crawl Space Insulation Draco's Spray Foam

Crawl spaces, like attics and external walls, are closer to the outside elements than other parts of your home of the home. As a result, they are more likely to experience condensation and hot air. As air travels from outside to inside your crawl space it can cause temperature fluctuations if not properly insulated.

In addition to offering a full estimate, we can show you how to save money and avoid potential damage down the road by insulating your crawl space.

Draco's spray foam wall insulation

Keeping your home warm from the outside is made easier by wall insulation. Your monthly utilities will be lower, and your rooms will be quieter. The insulation on older walls tends to be less optimal and can be improved with installation of new insulation.

Soundproof insulation dracos spray foam

A room’s wall insulation reduces sound transfer from room to room in a home. Insulating the walls of your home will noise transferring from one room to another from TVs, children, or other noise producers.

Draco's Spray Foam Metal Building

It is well known that metal buildings have specific insulation needs in addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night. Many people encounter condensation buildup inside their metal buildings, which can produce a rain-like effect.

It rains when the heat rises to the ceiling and encounters the cold roof. As condensation builds, it causes the roof to rain. Metal buildings can completely be insulated against condensation buildup. And help keep the building at a consistent temperature.

Draco's Spray Foam Garage Insulation

Insulating your garage with foam insulation has many benefits other than simply creating a conditioned space. Keeping your home sound and odor-free requires insulating the walls of your garage.

Draco's Spray Foam HVAC Insulation

HVAC Insulation

Duct insulation will further reduce the loss of heat (or cold, for A/C) through your ducts, improving the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

Draco's Spray Foam Air Sealing

Your building or home will lose heat or cool if the air sealing is improper. It is imperative that your home is properly sealed in order to take advantage of its insulation. In addition to inspections and sealing of windows, doors, attics, and more, we provide complete air sealing services.

Draco's Spray Foam Commerical Insulation

Commercial buildings often require a large amount of energy to keep them at a consistent and desirable temperature. Commercial spray foam insulation will reduce your monthly energy bills and assist in keeping your building comfortable. 

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell

Open-cell foam contains cells that are not completely enclosed. These cells, then, are intentionally left open. As a result, the foam is softer and more flexible. Spray foam that has open cells will also expand three times more than closed cell foam.

Benefits of Open Cell Spray Foam

Open-cell foam has the major advantage of expanding greatly after it has been applied, which makes it possible to insulate hard-to-reach places in a home. With closed-cell foam, it can be difficult to insulate these types of areas.

Closed Cell

As the name suggests, closed-cell foam contains cells that are completely closed. It is impossible for air or moisture to enter the foam since the cells are pressed together. This gives closed-cell spray the ability to give your walls better structural integrity and prevents moisture from entering your walls.

Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam

The best insulating material for spaces that require robust insulation is closed cell foam since it can achieve two times the R-Value of open-cell inside a standard wall. Furthermore, it has a rigid nature that assists in structural integrity, and fire-rated versions are available.

Is it worth it to insulate walls?

It’s worth it to get proper insulation installed because the installation costs are low when compared to what you’ll save in the long run. The insulation lasts a lifetime and is relatively low maintenance. Without adequate insulation, you lose 35% of your heat through your walls.

How Much Does Wall Insulation Cost

You can choose between two types of spray foam: open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam. Closed-cell spray foam tends to be more expensive than open-cell spray foam though, closed-cell does provide a higher R-Value than open-cell. The total price for your project is going to depend entirely on the amount of spray foam needed and the type of spray foam used to insulate your crawls space. For accurate pricing, it is best to get a quote for your exact job. 

Can you live in a house without insulation?

Energy efficiency is the idea behind the insulation. If a home does not have adequate insulation, its energy performance will be poor, which will result in higher utility bills and a strain on its HVAC system, household budgets, and the environment over time

Why Choose Draco’s Spray Foam For Your Wall Insulation

Choose us if you need a exterior home insulation contractor in Morgan City, LA. Let us handle your project. Count on us for expert service because we are certified, licensed, and insured. As a customer, it is important to us to keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process. This is why we send daily updates, provide best-in-class materials, and offer competitive pricing. We can explain your options in detail if you have any questions. Please contact us if you have any questions. Rebates may be available in addition to savings.

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