Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation is an expert service provided by Draco’s Spray Foam in the Morgan City area. We are the right company for your project since we have years of experience and many satisfied clients. Our pricing is fair and we are transparent throughout the insulation process. We are locally owned and operated, fully insured, and expertly trained.

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What is the cost of spray foam insulation?

You can choose between two types of spray foam: open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam. Closed-cell spray foam tends to be more expensive than open-cell spray foam though, closed-cell does provide a higher R-Value than open-cell. The total price for your project is going to depend entirely on the amount of spray foam needed and the type of spray foam used to insulate your crawls space. For accurate pricing, it is best to get a quote for your exact job. 

Pricing depends on the location, the type of building, they type of spray foam used, and the amount of space you need covered.

A permanent solution that reduces the total energy costs, it is cost-effective in the long run. The use of spray foam completely eliminates the energy losses caused by small honed and fine cracks that over 40% of cooling and heating costs are caused by. By using spray foam insulation, you can reduce your energy costs by 50%.

Spray foam can be more expensive than other types of insulation but offers benefits the others cannot offer.

Spray Foam Insulation

Advantages Of Spray Foam Insulation

There have been several types of insulation in use for a long time, including outdated insulation forms like fiberglass and blown-in insulation. Technology has evolved in recent years, and insulation determined a new best in class insulation standard, Spray Foam. Spray foam insulation is one of the best methods of insulating a house and making it as comfortable as possible. It is a quick and easy procedure. Some of its main benefits include:


Spray foam is inherently nonflammable or non-combustible. That means you’ll be less vulnerable to electrical fires and other fire hazards.

Effective Air and Moisture Barrier

Moisture and air are unlikely to seep into the materials of your building. Despite being highly durable and reliable, spray foam does not allow for mold growth. Spray foam does not absorb water and therefore will not allow mold growth, mildew, and it will not rot. In Southeast Louisiana where we’re prone to flooding or heavy rain, it’s an excellent option for insulation.

Energy Saving

Since energy costs are on the rise, everyone is looking to find ways to reduce their energy consumption. The chances of your property’s energy costs significantly decreasing are greater if it is well-insulated.

Spray foam installation can result in a 50% reduction in energy bills for those who have it installed. You’ll typically see an immediate result on your monthly utility bills. A side effect of using less energy to warm or cool your home is less strain on your HVAC system which will save you money down the road with maintenance and repair bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Using this material provides another major advantage. By preventing allergens from entering your indoor environment, it effectively reduces the presence of mold, pollen, mold, and dust. Allergens can enter through more than just doors and windows.Walls can also be penetrated by them, allowing them to make their way inside.

Spray foam is an effective insulator that bars all allergens.

Noise Reduction

Noise coming from neighboring rooms or traffic noise is blocked by this premium material. If you’ve ever been able to hear someone talking in the next room or being able to hear a tv through your walls, spray foam insulation can solve these issues. Spray foam acts as a noise barrier just like it acts as an insulation barrier.


Installing this material is very simple, and it lasts a long time. It is important to keep in mind that traditional insulation is likely to lose its effectiveness over time. Spray foam can last upwards of 80 years, meaning you won’t have to replace it because it’s losing effectiveness like other insulation materials.

Maintenance Free

Spray foam is definitely a set it and forget it type of insulation. There is virtually no upkeep especially because spray foam is a vapor barrier meaning it will not absorb water, rot, mildew, or mold.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulation methods can be divided into two main groups, with each having its own advantages. Open-cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam.

Open-cell spray foam

This spray foam is made up of cells that aren’t completely enclosed. By intentionally leaving the cells open, the material is softer and expands larger, filling cracks where ordinary insulation materials cannot.

Open-cell foam has an R-value of approximately 3 (resistance to heat flow). It can expand up to 3 inches in thickness, so it’s the best in terms of expansion.

Moreover, the larger size of this material makes it effective at effectively insulating small nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach; additionally, it can fill the space between studs with a single application, making it an excellent material for soundproofing. It’s still the best option for you if you have a tight budget since it is more affordable.

Closed-cell spray foam

Closed-cell spray foam has cells that are completely encapsulated or “closed”. Air and moisture cannot penetrate the foam because the cells are tightly pressed together. The result is a foam that is stable, rigid, and highly durable.

An R-value of 6-7 makes closed-cell spray foam insulation ideal for keeping the heat in or out of a structure. The foam can expand to a thickness of around 1 inch.

Due to its rigid nature, it can act as a barrier against moisture and water, adding to a surface’s structural integrity. The excellent durability of closed-cell foam and its resistance to water damage should not be underestimated.

How Long Does Spray Foam Last?

You can rely on spray foam for a lifetime of use. Spray foam can last up to 80 years when properly applied. This material may become weak if there are holes or blisters caused by plumbing pipes, wiring, or poor framing. Professional spraying service is, therefore, a wise choice.

Our Insulation Services

Draco's Spray Foam Attic Insulation

In comparison with other parts of your home or building, your attic is more exposed to the outside elements. Insulation is sometimes overlooked. 

As a result of the summer heat, your home’s roof shingles will be baked, transferring the heat into your attic. That hot air can then travel throughout your home, causing an increase in internal temperature. When your house becomes hotter as a result, your air conditioning bill will rise. Attic insulation maintains your home’s temperature better and will reduce your energy bills over time.

Crawl Space Insulation Draco's Spray Foam

Crawl spaces, like attics and external walls, are closer to the outside elements than other parts of your home of the home. As a result, they are more likely to experience condensation and hot air. As air travels from outside to inside your crawl space it can cause temperature fluctuations if not properly insulated.

In addition to offering a full estimate, we can show you how to save money and avoid potential damage down the road by insulating your crawl space.

Draco's spray foam wall insulation

Keeping your home warm from the outside is made easier by wall insulation. Your monthly utilities will be lower, and your rooms will be quieter. The insulation on older walls tends to be less optimal and can be improved with installation of new insulation.

Soundproof insulation dracos spray foam

A room’s wall insulation reduces sound transfer from room to room in a home. Insulating the walls of your home will noise transferring from one room to another from TVs, children, or other noise producers.

Draco's Spray Foam Metal Building

It is well known that metal buildings have specific insulation needs in addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night. Many people encounter condensation buildup inside their metal buildings, which can produce a rain-like effect.

It rains when the heat rises to the ceiling and encounters the cold roof. As condensation builds, it causes the roof to rain. Metal buildings can completely be insulated against condensation buildup. And help keep the building at a consistent temperature.

Draco's Spray Foam Garage Insulation

Insulating your garage with foam insulation has many benefits other than simply creating a conditioned space. Keeping your home sound and odor-free requires insulating the walls of your garage.

Draco's Spray Foam HVAC Insulation

HVAC Insulation

Duct insulation will further reduce the loss of heat (or cold, for A/C) through your ducts, improving the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

Draco's Spray Foam Air Sealing

Your building or home will lose heat or cool if the air sealing is improper. It is imperative that your home is properly sealed in order to take advantage of its insulation. In addition to inspections and sealing of windows, doors, attics, and more, we provide complete air sealing services.

Draco's Spray Foam Commerical Insulation

Commercial buildings often require a large amount of energy to keep them at a consistent and desirable temperature. Commercial spray foam insulation will reduce your monthly energy bills and assist in keeping your building comfortable. 

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation: factors to consider

The following tips will help you decide whether spray foam insulation is right for you:

Type of Foam Insulation

Insulation comes in two different forms. Closed-cell spray insulation is an excellent option if you want a foam that has a high R-value and is effective at insulating the building. Open-cell foam insulation is an excellent choice if you need a material that expands quickly and can reach difficult cracks and holes.


Spray foam’s cost determines how much it is applied and how much is needed. Normally spray foams are sold by the board foot, thus you should consider the application surface and purchase a quantity that is sufficient to cover the whole area.

The Applicant

How do you plan on installing the insulation? Are you going to do it yourself or hire a contractor?

Professionals are the only ones who can correctly apply spray foam. You can install other kinds of insulation yourself, but it is not recommended. It is wise to choose a qualified and expert spray foam insulation contractor like Draco’s Spray Foam. This way you’ll know your project is done correctly the first time.

Type of Spray Foam

Spray foam is available in three densities. Low-density spray foams have R-values as low as 3.6/inch. This type of foam is suitable for insulating attics and walls that have cavities.

Thus, it is ideal for attics without venting, continuous insulation, and wall cavities. Lastly, high-density foam can have an R-value ranging from R-5.5 to R-6.6. Roofs can benefit from their use.

Spray foam is currently the only insulation material that is perfect for the job. Therefore, for those who are concerned about protecting their families and conserving energy, this is the best option. You can begin saving money on your energy expenditure if you live in Morgan City, LA.

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Draco’s Spray Foam is a fully insured, expertly trained, and extremely qualified insulation contractor. We aim to leave all of our customers satisfied, this is why we offer transparent pricing, free estimates, and communication throughout the insulation process. We are locally owned and operated in the Morgan City, LA area and we aim to improve our community by being as fair as possible.

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